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How Chronicle Health Relationship Intelligence Can Improve Your Data Coverage And Targeting Efforts

Our enriched profiles can layer on to your CRM or AMP recordsView Our Market Coverage Chronicle Health provides real-time healthcare business...

Cloud 9 Leverages KAIROS To Drive Adoption of PMS Solution

Cloud 9 was able to accelerate market penetration by leveraging KAIROS IBM during a time when many healthcare businesses struggled to grow.

Five Myths About Business Analytics

This article will dispel some of the most common misconceptions about business analytics and show you how easy it can be to get started!

Create Better Webinars and Engage Busy Healthcare Professionals

Webinars are a great way to build relationships with healthcare professionals. Utilize key opinion leaders and loyal clients to tell your story while also giving attendees free rewarding insights without the pressure of a sales meeting looming over the conversation.

The True Cost of Bad CRM Data

Bad data breaks sales forecasts and undermines your plans for growth. Sales reps spend time chasing out-of-date contacts. Your time is wasted and your deals aren’t closed. Here is how you can address bad data and start winning more business with accurate & actionable data.

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Content Development

Develop the right content to resonate with the right buyers. We work in concert with your team to author and develop premium content marketing assets to drive conversions and increase brand awareness.

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Content Hosting

Your customers want to self-educate. Give them content! Content marketing can drive conversions, increase social follows, and improve brand awareness.

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Podcast creation and consumption has exploded recently and can play a vital role in connecting with your busy, on the go healthcare professional audience.

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We’ll put your most urgent questions in the hands of the people who sign off on buying your product.

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Video Marketing

75% of respondents indicated that either webinars or videos were the most impactful piece of content they consumed when making a buying decision!

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Webinars are a great medium to address HCP pain points, share advice, and earn the trust of a potential customer.

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Website Banners

Display banners should be integral parts of all online campaigns. Banners drive recall and lay the groundwork for future leads and conversions in broader marketing campaigns.

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Email Marketing

Few channels better equip a marketer with such precise targeting, curation controls, and level of engaged audience. Use them to reach your potential buyers and build brand awareness!

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Programmatic Targeting

Reach customers across the web. Increase marketing touch points to drive brand recall and nurture engagement.

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Social Media Messaging

Social media advertising is a great way to expand your reach and increase touch points with healthcare professionals as they learn about your product or service.

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Print Marketing

In a digital age, sometimes it is easiest to cut through the noise with a physical offering. We distribute over a million copies of our magazines and direct mail every year.

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