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Clinical Lab Products delivers in-depth coverage of product and technology trends for the clinical laboratory community—and reaches more than 55,000 key decision-makers and influencers. As one of healthcare’s most important intelligence companies, we facilitate the development and rapid adoption of diagnostic tests and instruments into clinical settings, helping to improve testing and diagnostic procedures.


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    “New, innovative, state-of-the-art—that’s the type of content the CLP team always aims to deliver to our audience on a daily basis on our website and on the printed page. From cutting-edge approaches to testing to the news about the latest piece of equipment or assay to ways to improve business efficiency, if it’s related to diagnostic testing, I want to hear about it and, more importantly, get it in front of our readers ASAP.”

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    Joe May
    MEDQOR’s Clinical Laboratory Division
    Clinical Lab Products

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    Chris Wolski
    Director Business Intelligence: Clinical Lab Technology
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